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Hello Darling - Nice to meet you!

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Lash and Wax Artist

Hello! my name is Jordyn Gallup, I'm so excited to be providing new services such as full body waxing and eyelash extensions for Vue! I've been in the industry since 2015 as an Esthetician. 

I originally started my career with waxing and found another passion for lash extensions. I am so excited to be finally doing both services I truly love! It gives me joy making my clients feel special and beautiful.

I'm very experienced in both fields and will do my best to accommodate the look you are trying to achieve. All while making you feel as comfortable as possible during your service. 

So come in relax and enjoy your pampering time with me! I will definitely give you the boost of confidence that you deserve.



Owner | Lash, Makeup & Hair Artist

Hi, I'm Danielle Oehrlein! I always knew I was destined to bring more beauty into the world. I grew up styling friends and family and after high school, I decided to become a professional. I graduated from Hastings Beauty School in 2003 and have been doing hair and makeup ever since.

Over the years, I have styled people for almost every event imaginable! From fashion shows to weddings, birthdays, galas and photo shoots. I've even had the honor to style a client for the last event of her life.  

Lash extensions have been my latest beauty addiction. I got my first set and the second I opened my eyes I knew these things were life changing! I had to learn how to apply them asap and start offering them to everyone and I am so happy I did. 


I love my job and put my heart and soul into each and every client. It's much more than making someone pretty on the outside. Beauty services empower people, helping them feel confident and ready to take on anything! Opening VUE has been beyond a dream!! Glam is a way of life. Stay beautiful! xx



Lash and Makeup Artist

Hello! my name is Addison Johnson, and I'm excited to provide you with my professional services and knowledge. I began my career in 2017 when I graduated from Saint Paul College's Esthetics program learning makeup, waxing and skincare. 

 I jumped straight into doing lash extensions out of school and discovered it's what I am most passionate about. I enjoy changing peoples lives by shortening their morning routines and boosting their confidence. 

It amazes me the things people may not be aware of when it comes to lash extensions, and it's my honor to be able to provide my clients with crucial knowledge to care for themselves and prolong their lash extensions.

I'm passionate and confident about helping my clients achieve their ideal look, from eyelashes to a glam makeover. No matter your age, race, gender or style there is a look for you and a place for you here at Vue! Sit back, relax and allow me to help you achieve your optimum look - and feel your best.

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